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Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) involves a combination of visual checks and using test apparatus. Although not a legal requirement, it is recommended as a means of ensuring compliance with both the Electricity at Work Regulations and the Health and Safety at Work Act.


It is generally recommended that all portable

electrical appliances are tested annually.


Portable Appliance Testing Charges:


Within 5 miles of Burntwood, up to 20 items £55

5 - 10 miles of Burntwood, up to 20 items £65

10 - 15 miles of Burntwood, up to 20 items £75

15 - 20 miles of Burntwood, up to 20 items £85

20 - 25 miles of Burntwood, up to 20 items £95

And so on .......


Extra items (above 20) will be charged at:

Members - £1.50 per item.

Non Members - £2.50 per item.


If you would like to arrange for your portable electrical equipment to be tested, please call Cathy on 01785 242525 Ext 206.



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Online booking is now very much part of our everyday lives. People expect to be able to view availability and book directly through their computer or mobile phone. So that you and your village hall don't get left behind, Hallmaster.co.uk developed the most advanced and easy to use Booking & Invoicing System, specifically designed to save you time and increase revenue and that can easily be integrated into your existing website.


ACRE, our national association,  has recently secured an agreement to offer community buildings that are members of the Staffordshire Village Halls Advisory Service   a discount on the annual Booking Management System Licence.

You can have a 90 day free trial, but when you sign up for a full annual licence (which includes full technical support) your hall will receive a £10 discount, provided your hall is a member of the Village Halls Advisory Service.

If you are interested in a demonstration of the system, please contact your Cathy Russell, Village Halls Adviser on 01785 242525 Ext 206, who can arrange a demonstration if there is sufficient interest from other halls in the area .


To start the free trial straightaway just register online at www.hallmaster.co.uk.

For more information call 01929 509846 or email:

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