Good Life Agents

South Staffordshire Council is continuing to fund the Village Agent Scheme through the Community Council.  However, from August 2016 there will be two Village Agents who will take on new roles and new titles.




Good Life Connector: Jan Wright


Jan’s role includes:


  • Supporting community groups to develop and be more involved in their local community
  • Helping community volunteers to increase their skills and knowledge
  • Promoting the “Good Life” and encouraging communities to stay healthy
  • Promoting community and voluntary transport services
  • Building relationships between local communities and organisations such as the council, the Police, NHS and Public Health.


Jan will also be undertaking some focused work directed from the Locality Profiles.


Contact: communityva@hotmail.co.uk




Good Life Agent: Liz Minshall




Liz’s role is focused on supporting local members and local communities on two pilot projects in Locality 3:


  • Children and Families Pilot - looking at community support and local organisations that support children and families to ensure the needs of local children and families are being met.
  • Caddick Farm Estate - continuing the regeneration of the estate and bringing together the local community.


Contact: Liz.Minshall@staffs.org.uk



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Village Agent Project Evaluation 2012


Village Agents in South Staffordshire Evaluation